Chemical Peels – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Peels

  • Will a chemical peel help my skin? Chemical peels are beneficial to help improve many different skin types and skin concerns. Your treatment will be customized just for you and your Licensed Esthetician will help you decide which peel treatment will best meet your goals.
  • How long does it take to have a chemical peel?The amount of time the chemical peel portion of your treatment lasts ranges from 5-15 minutes. Typically the total amount of treatment time is 45-60 minutes to completely cleanse your skin and prepare your skin to best receive the treatment. Following your peel you will relax while a mask further purifies your skin and your treatment will conclude with antioxidant rich serums and sunscreen application.
  • Can I go back to my normal activities after my treatment? Following your treatment you skin will have a great glow and in some instances may be slightly pink. You can resume your normal activities following your treatment appointment. Make up application is acceptable however for best results allow your skin to be make up free for the rest of the day.
  • Will the treatment be painful? Your treatment will not be painful. Most clients find their skin appointment very relaxing and feel rested and restored following the treatment. With some peel treatments you may feel a tingling or itchy sensation which resolves in a brief period of time as the peel is neutralized.
  • Can I go out in the sun after having a chemical peel? 90% off skin again is caused by UV exposure from the sun and tanning beds. The chemical peel will remove dull damaged skin cells so best to wear and SPF 30 for at least two weeks following your treatment.
  • How many chemical peels should I have and how often should I have a treatment? The number of peels a client needs is based on their skin type, skin condition, treatment goals and lifestyle. On average 3-6 treatments is recommended and performed every 4-6 weeks to obtain maximum results. Following your series of treatments you can then go on a maintenance schedule and your Licensed Esthetician can advise you on what will be best for you.
  • Are there side effect to having a chemical peel or skin treatment? Chemical peels are very safe when performed by a Licensed Esthetician. Depending on the type of peel and the client’s skin type your skin may appear slightly pink for a brief period of time and your skin may possibly be a bit flaky for several days.