April’s Product of the Month – Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser

Posted on Apr 7, 2013 in Products

April’s Product of the Month – Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser

Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser by Vivant Skin Care 

A universal face and body cleanser fortified with antioxidants Green Tea, Grape Seed and Kiwi Extracts. Gently foams away impurities while preserving the skin’s natural acid mantle. Great for all skin types, including rosacea

skin360 product review:

A good cleanser sets the stage for application of all products that follow. If you don’t use the right cleanser the pH of your skin will not be able to utilize all the great serums and treatment crèmes to their maximum potential. Many products on the market contain harsh detergents that over strip the skin and disturb the natural acid mantel of the epidermis. Vivant’s Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser completely removes all traces of dirt, oil and make up while still allowing your skin to feel soft and not tight/dry like harsh cleansers can.

During your pre treatment consultation at skin360 Angela will review your current home care product regimen to help you determine what you may currently be using that is sabotaging the results that you are looking for. Using great quality products at home will maximize your professional treatment results.

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